VIP Registration

For Buyers

To reserve a condominium unit at Après Shores, please complete the Buyer’s Pre-Construction Reservation Agreement. If you are represented by a Broker, the Broker must be registered at the time you complete this agreement. Once signed by all parties, you will be added to the reservation list in the order the executed Reservation Agreement is received. You must provide a fully refundable $10,000 deposit via wire or check made payable to Land Title Guarantee Company, on the same day or next business day that the Reservation Agreement is executed.

There are no legal obligations under this Reservation Agreement. Until a purchase and sale agreement is signed by both parties, potential purchaser understands that unit availability, the site and floor plans, specifications and the proposed pricing for the Project may change. The Reservation Deposit confers the opportunity to purchase in the order in which it was received.

For Brokers

We welcome Broker participation for the sales of units at Après Shores. We are accepting Reservations for new units during our presale launch. In order to be protected, a Broker must be registered at the time that your Buyer completes the Pre-Construction Reservation Agreement. Complete contact information for you and your client (name, mailing address, phone and an e-mail address) must be included.

We prefer your client contact information be submitted through the form below so we can track registrations in real time. If a buyer registers for the presale on their own, we will check the database to cross reference Broker registrations. If you register a client and complete contact information is provided, the client will be entered and protected under your name as their registered broker, unless the client disputes or terminates their agency relationship with you. If the client is already in our Après Shores database, we cannot accept that name from you, as they are most likely registered through another broker or they have registered due to Colorado Craft Brokers’ marketing efforts.

Buyers MUST register their Broker at the time of their Reservation and initial deposit in order for the Broker to be protected with that client.

Purchases at Après Shores by clients properly registered under the Broker will result in a 2.5% commission to be paid by the developer, Apres Shores, LLC. Commission will be paid upon a successful closing, unless the agency relationship is disputed or terminated by the client.

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